DJ Geribo

Fine Artist

Art and a Story

Over the years and with the many photos I've taken of wildlife and nature, sometimes there is a story. This is where I will feature art and the story that goes with it.

Fall Is in the Air

There is nothing so irresistible to me as a row of gorgeous red trees with a rock wall in the foreground. I find a lot of this kind of scenery in rural New Hampshire and although I have so many photos that I have taken over the years, there is always room for one more. And to me, each one is more beautiful than the next and will make an awesome painting.

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Fall's Here!

Here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire fall comes out in all its glory. And a good thing since it is my favorite season. I just can't seem to take enough photos of the beautiful area when the trees are dressed to the nines.

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2020 Holiday Shows

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I will not be particpating in any in-person shows this holiday season.  However, you may purchase artwork directly from my website.