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Porcupine Pet

A few weeks ago, on a cold and windy day, I had a surprise when I started to open the front door to let my two Pomeranians out and curled up at the door was a porcupine!!! Obviously I didn't put my dogs out but made them wait. My husband, Jim, and I went out the garage door and photographed the little guy who just seemed to want to enjoy the sun on our front porch and get out of the cold. He stayed there a bit longer and then wandered off. He came back again later but then we didn't see him again. I figured he had moved on.

And now this afternoon I was going to put the dogs out again and there he was, on our front lawn, enjoying the tasty grass shoots that were just starting to come up. He was there at least a couple of hours!! I brought the dogs out through the garage to another area to do their business. I was concerned that my young Pom would get away from me so held tight to his leash, especially when I knew that he saw the critter on our front lawn! But at one point I sat on my front porch getting some great photos, and a video, of the little guy, even talking to him. He looked up at me a couple of times and went right back to eating. 

A few years ago, when I was doing outdoor art shows, a little boy showed an interest in having a painting of a porcupine. I did a small one in watercolor and had it for sale as a card. I remembered that and found a copy I had. Of course, the boy and his mom never showed up the next year, no surprise there! But I do have this small painting that I did and now I have many photos if I decide I want to paint another larger one of our neighbor, the porcupine. 

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