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Frolicking Fawns

Along with the abundance of birds in our yard we have been fortunate to catch sight of a deer or two as they make their way through the wild olive trees growing on our property. Just yesterday morning, for example, as we were getting ready to go golfing (our favorite summer activity) we saw a deer nibbling on some bushes at the back of our house. My husband Jim and I always pause to watch the beautiful animals, hoping they don't make their way to our hostas but happy to see them looking healthy as they munch on the variety of wild shrubs we have growing on our property.

And then, from a little off to our left and out of our site, comes two fawns, still with spots, jumping and frolicking. I saw them about a month ago when they were quite small. Now they are looking all gangly, like many of us look when we hit our teenage years, legs kicking up as they run through the yard. Something seemed to have spooked them because mom looked up and off they went down the hill behind our house. 

I'm looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully before the spots disappear!

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